AA - 8pm

Date: February 26, 2020 8:00 PM

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

This church's meetings are amongst the oldest in the area, and began over 30 years ago. It is an "open" discussion meeting. This means that anyone who wishes to attend, can. People come from all around the area. They have had family members and friends come to support people who are in the early stages of recovery.

The fact that anyone can attend also makes it attractive to people who want to find out more about AA, but hesitate to identify as an alcoholic. The stigma of alcholism remains very strong in our society, and the need to identify youself as an alcholic is very difficult for most who are starting out.

That self-identification is not required at St. Peter's. Any church member who wishes to attend is welcome. Very few people have a clear understanding of what AA is like. AA's principles were borrowed and modified only slightly from the Oxford Group. This organization's goal was to live like early Christians did, so our 12 steps are biblical in nature. If you substitute "sin" for "alchol" in the 12 steps you will find a very spiritual life, pleasing to our Lord.

There is an average total monthly attendance of 50-60 people. On meeting night we may have as few as 6-8, but sometimes up to 15-18 people attend. Those in attendance appreciate the assurance of annonymity, and request 1-2 week notification of church activety during this time.

It is well understood that alcoholism is a fatal malady. "We depend on meetings to maintain sobriety. We feel a strong sense of responsibility to help those new in recovery to get well." The main way this is done is through meetings.