You send forth Your Spirit, they are created; And You renew the face of the ground. Psalm 104:30

You Are welcome here!

Signs are everywhere in America. You may have seen the sign "The Episcopal Church welcomes you." It is the Episcopal Church's way of welcoming every person who passes by.

We are not a club or a civic organization. We believe we are a holy community, created by God, who are nonetheless comprised of sinful people--people on journeys that attempt to make sense of our situation as people.

The sign says, "The Episcopal Church welcomes you"--why is the Episcopal Church especially welcoming?

It means that Episcopal congregations have made an effort to make welcoming visitors or "guests," as some congregations put it, a dominant characteristic of any Episcopal church experience.

Signs with these words on them hang near many of the Episcopal churches in the country. The signs mean that you specifically are welcomed to join the community of people who have a great deal in common with you.